First blog post

IF you think writing poetry is daunting you should try writing a blog. I’m on my fourth cup of procrastination complete with my doodle book and I still can’t decide how to start this. I have a great quote from one of my favourite writers Jason Kynge on my wall telling me to try  “…, something vaguely inspirational and short”.

THE problem is I have never been good at the short thing. Inspirational comes and goes, hence the reason I put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and try to make sense of what spills out of this chaotic and sometimes dark brain. But short? Hmm I guess that is what editing is for.

SO why the website? Because I am seriously delusional if I think that my work will be picked up by some world renowned publishing house and win a Pulitzer or Man Booker Prize. It aint going to happen no matter how shiny and enticing that glimmer of hope might be – I am a realist, a creative realist.

WHAT I have found is that writing is relatively easy compared to the endless hours you spend marketing and promoting. I still work full-time, but writing is less of a hobby now and more something that I do because it feels natural.

I write whenever I can. About everything. Eventually it will all go into some sort of published work(s), for now it is being submitted for poetry prizes and through FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram so feel free to follow me on these portals if you have the time.

Thanks for popping by and I hope you will be back.

LF ☥

Postnote: Look it was short! The next post might be “Inspirational??”



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