What makes you write? What influences your words? Full-time or Part-time? Do you have a muse? I must ask these questions of writers many times a week and there does not seem to be a standard reply.

Mostly inspiration comes from external sources; a sunrise, a kiss, an argument with your lover.  Occasionally it comes from sunrises/sunsets, night skies and peaceful vistas. Many of the works that inspire me, arise from another author’s personal demons, trysts or betrayals. I am trying to find my own niche, something I can write about with fresh eyes, hope and dreams.

I guess the adage is true – If you want to know a writer read between the words and lines.

Recently I completed a paper at my local university. Nothing demanding, although you were required to hand in assignments each week, and a final portfolio of poetry, prose and short stories. I used the time to relearn some of the basics of writing poetry and short stories, and experimented with non-conventional writing styles. I found it very inspirational. It also got me out of my normal routine to meet some incredibly talented students which initially was very daunting. But I am pleased to say that I held my own and have even participated in a few public readings of my poetry.


I am no “Sir Elton John” where, when in the groove, he can pen a perfect piece in a matter of minutes (I admire his creativity immensely). I edit, re-write and edit many times before I publish.  There are a number of unfinished pieces that I am still to find the right words for, normally there is a series of “XXX’s” just waiting for the word to drop in, like the piece I was so angry writing that I will need to tap into that anger to finish.

Right now I want to pen more pieces that spread kindness, compassion and hope, perhaps to balance the negativity anger and loss of direction that is felt worldwide.

Off to a meditation session in the hope that it will marinate some inspiration.


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