I’m working on a series of new poems for another Zine. It will be based on kindness.

The concept started when I met a very interesting (and somewhat handsome) young man who was giving away, for a small donation, a copy of a meditation book at the University.  The conversation went something like

“Wow, pretty lady you look like a hippy from the 60’s”.

Now I have to interject and say that there was definitely two ways I could have taken this. One: Offended to the max, after all I am reaching a significant birthday this month and there are days when I feel much older than I am. Or, two: I could take it the way it was meant – I was wearing a bright peacock colored caftan top and distressed jeans and just had the roots of my hair dyed violet, it was a beautiful day and I was loving life!! So I replied…

“Hey there you, isn’t it a gorgeous day!”

We spoke for a while, mainly on why he was where he was and handing out the books, what spirituality meant to him, the pros and cons of DMT meditation, the state of the world etc, etc.  I could have stayed and spoken to him for hours.


Because unlike many young people I meet these days he maintained eye contact, was respectful and most of all kind.

Since then I have come across a lot of posts on the book of faces, Instagram and Twitter the concept of kindness. I guess with all of the tragedy in the world at the moment we all need to take a step out of our own comfort zone and extend some kindness, warmth and love to our fellow travelers on this revolving orb we call home.

Look out for my Zine – I’ll let you know when its out!

In kindness,



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