Reflections of a working writer


2017 has ended – at least for the “working aspect” of my life.  Today is the last day I am in the office until the New Year.

It is not easy being a full-time employed working writer; and as I clean my desk for the final time this year I have discovered in my office desk (third draw down) a host of writing prompts, attempted poetry and thoughts. Mainly documented on phone messages, meeting agendas and budget documents. Hopefully I will be able to use these over the holiday break to put into something more concrete – and understandable.

I have learnt one hell of a lot this year. Taking two creative writing papers has ignited the passion I have in writing and I have two E-Zines that will be ready for publishing in January. Short Stories that I hope you will enjoy. I have already signed up for another paper but in something completely different that I hope will colour my work in a different direction.

I envy those who have the fortitude and faith to write full-time. I believe that you need to be disciplined; something my personality is not cut out for. (Note: this also goes with dieting and exercise) I write when an idea comes into my head, or when, as Michael Chabon in his book The Wonder Boys puts it, the midnight disease keeps me from doing anything else. I need the door open to the outside regardless of the weather and I now cruise Spotify daily for host of instrumental writing inspiration playlists. I love the feel of actually writing pen on paper before editing it into the pixelated form you get to enjoy. I try to write neatly, double spaced for the first red pen edits. I will have black coffee rapidly cooling, or tea during the day. A spirit (tequila, whiskey, bourbon) on ice at night.

For now, blessed with the early December summer I am going to finish my Christmas shopping, set up the sun umbrella, my large outside lounge chair, the ice bucket, a superb bottle of Marlborough sauvignon blanc  and a relax with a couple of books. Then when it feels right I will open up my new writing journal, check the ink in my worn Parker and sort through these office prompts.


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