Whiskey & winter

Whiskey siren

You’ve got to love this cold wet weather.

While most are hibernating under covers and chowing down endless Netflix binges, I have been busy writing. Some from long lost ideas and writing prompts that I found while trying to sort some of my class notes into a more ordered fashion. Not that I think writers do “organisation” very well, if like me, most have chaotic scribbling on endless pieces of paper that aren’t always suitable to hole-punch into a folder. Thank goodness for stick glue and family who know that I have a obsession with notebooks.

My other life NEEDS for me to be organised, with endless checklists and project management tools at hand. Every now there is a cross over. It also means I find nuggets of inspiration yet to be fully explored and (more than likely) finished and published.

I’m back in class this week with my very talented and award winning lecturer attempting a 300 level non-fiction paper. Excited to have passed A-Semester’s anthropology paper with an “A-” and now pushing myself to write in a different genre.

I also taking a small writers sabbatical at the inspirational beach home of Michael King looking over winters seascape with a whiskey in hand.

Yup, got to love winter.


To be finished……..


Sad skies with silks of thunder

Frost my skin with your siren song

A palate of grey and afternoon

Shroud heavy on my windowsill


Pearls of sleet a blessed rosary

To entwine in threadbare fingers

Silver puddles reflect the murk

While twilight falls as dust


Begin the lullaby of lightening

Assault my ears with black

Reverent night now the canvas

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