All things competitive

bill cosby quote

While it may not be politically correct to use a quote from a man who has fallen so far from grace, the sentiment remains. In order to succeed you must fail – plain and simple.

I have been busy procrastinating. Life has kept me away from the screen so there hasn’t been much writing going on and I have decided to take a break from A-semester creative writing papers while I wait for the dust to settle.

I have however, been submitting some of my works to online poetry and short story competitions. This was one of my 2019 resolutions and I am happy to state that I am keeping to this.

Surprise! Nothing of anything has happened…. yet.

There is this faint hope amongst many of the writers that I know, that if you just persist in submitting work in competitions that you will be noticed. The reality is…….. Well this almost never happens. Submission in any form involves a whole lot of heartache and even more headaches. Editing and re-editing your work until it is sharp, and then it may not suit the taste of the person who is judging. Competing means that many pieces can not be shared even on your own blog or website as in many instances work cannot be pre-published.

One piece of great news that I have received this week is my published poem Don’t Dream of Gravity is to be included in a compilation video poem along with other pieces from the 2018 Mayhem Journal. I will get to read the two lines selected and it will be edited and published online. I am hoping that I will be able to share this link with you all soon.

In the meantime, I thank you again for popping by and reading my blog. Keep reaching for the moon, even if you don’t get there you will find yourself amongst the stars.


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